About Us

Who we are:

Bucks SUCO was, created and led by service users and carers in response to:

  • Government’s expectation for local councils to actively include service users and carers when designing, implementing and monitoring Adult Social Care Services.
  • Buckinghamshire County Council  asking SUCO to find service users and carers who would like to be involved and to support their involvement.


What we do:

  • We find service users and carers to represent the views of their community on Buckinghamshire County Council Boards and Groups.
  • We talk to Buckinghamshire County Council about needs of service users and carers.
  • We are asked to give views on a wide range of policies and documents relating to Adult Social Care Services.
  • We keep service users and carers informed on developments to local and national Government policies about Adult Social Care Services.
  • We provide a link to other organisations locally, regionally and nationally that have an interest in service users and carers and Adult Social Care Services.
  • We represent the views of service users and carers to statutory or voluntary bodies when needed and relevant.


Bucks SUCO is a User Led Organisation

It is essential that service users and carers who use Adult Social Care Services are involved from the beginning in designing and developing current and future services, to make sure they are shaped in a way which is right for them and the community they live in.

Asking people who use these services to get involved and have a voice is key. This is why Buckinghamshire County Council have asked us to help recruit and support people so that service users and carers can actively share ideas and shape services.

What is a Service User?

A service user is someone over the age of 18 who through disability, age or illness, needs help to continue to live safely and independently, without risk to him or herself or other people.

To allow this to happen a service user will access Adult Social Care Services either provided by, or on behalf of,  the Local Authority. For example, this could be help and support following a stay in hospital, benefits such as the Disabled Living Allowance, attendance at a Day Centre, care support, or payment of a personal budget.

What is a Carer?

A carer is someone who gives regular unpaid help and support to an ill, frail or disabled person who depends upon them and could not live independently without them.  It is estimated that there are around 44,000 such carers in Buckinghamshire. Many of them do not consider themselves to be carers at all, but just good parents or spouses, sons or daughters, friends or neighbours doing the right thing.

Self Directed Support and Personalisation

Self Directed Support (SDS) is sometimes also called ‘personalisation’ or ‘personal budgets’.  There are different ways to describe it but the aim is to give you or the person who cares for you, choice and control over the care and support you can have to meet your needs.  It is for all adults over the age of 18 who get help that is funded by social services

For more information and guidance on how Self Directed Support is provided in Buckinghamshire please download the SDS Guide – BCC

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