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 The Carers Partnership Board at work.

How you can get involved:

You might like to become a member of one of seven Bucks County Council
Partnership Boards we are currently recruiting service user and carer representatives for:

  • Physical and Sensory Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Carers
  • Older People
  • Assistive Technology
  • Dementia
  • Autism

You could join our Board at SUCO. You could become a member of one of our Special Interest Goups, Or if you only have a limited amount of time you could contribute to one off consultation exercises.


Who we are looking for:

  • People who can speak up on behalf of others and feel comfortable representing their interests.
  • People who are happy to attend meetings, consultations and sometimes tender panels and other engagement activities.
  • People who will share information and report back on the events that they attend.



If you would to become involved or would like to find out more about us. you can:

Download our information leaflet

Complete an interest form

Find out more about the key qualities we are looking for

Or  contact us direct by using our contact form. We will reply to you within three working days.


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